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Paris, Je t’aime

In light of the senseless massacre that occurred in Paris today, I thought I would offer up some pics I took during my visits to the City of Lights between 2008-2011. It’s a remarkable place, one I hope everyone has the opportunity to visit at least once in their lifetime. My thoughts and prayers are with them tonight.

Paris 11 Cathedral Paris 120510 BW1 Wider Angle Cathedral Paris 120510 BW1 Wider Angle Top Le Vrai Paris 120510 A Snowy Wednesday In Paris Paris 4 Paris 5 Paris 6 Paris 15
Paris 8Paris 1 Paris 9 Paris 10 Downtown Paris 12-04-10 Merry Christmas Paris 12-04-10 Downtown Paris 12-08-10 This is Paris Not Moscow! Paris In CinemaScope! Paris Up Close A Cloudy Sunday in Paris Paris Street Night 120410 BW Cathedral Paris 120510 BW Cathedral Paris 120510 BW1 Paris 12 Paris 13 Paris 14 Paris Mini Tower _MG_7153 Clouds_Over_Paris_July_9_2012 2 OnceUponATimeInParis Paris-1


Every so often I will go through older photos and start to do some experimental work on them or even just edit and publish them for the first time online. From time to time, I will be posting new photos as I work on them. In the meantime, here are three I worked on recently. The top photo is a shot taken in Copenhagen back in July of 2012. The second photo was taken on an empty street during a snowstorm last winter in Melrose, MA. I chose to work on that one during a particularly hot and humid day this past week. The third and final one is of the base of the Eiffel Tower in the winter of 2010.

Copenhagen July 2012

Winter -1


Paris, December 2010

The photo below was taken on July 28th outside my house, processed using Google Nik Collection. 
Plane -1