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Boothbay Harbor and Pemaquid Point State Park – 04/30/2018

Before the summer crowds descend upon the state of Maine, I thought I would take the opportunity to head up to Boothbay Harbor and Pemaquid Point to take some pics of the area. I only went up for one day, but the trip was well worth it. The people are wonderful and the sights along the coast are breathtaking. If you head up to the area at any point, be sure to make the Pemaquid Point State Park and Ocean Point in Boothbay a priority in terms of visits. You’ll be glad you did.

More pics to come over the next few days!


Summer’s End: Nubble and Portland Head Lighthouses 9/2/16- 9/3/16

As summer winds down, what better way to capture it than to head up to my favorite getaway spot: Maine! The following shots were taken over the past two nights, one night at the Nubble Lighthouse and the other, Portland Head Lighthouse. I was at both last year -you can find those pics elsewhere on this blog-, but I wanted to capture these beauties at sunset. Enjoy! PortlandHead090316-6 PortlandHead090316-5 PortlandHead090316-4 Nubble090216-4 Nubble090216-3 Nubble090216-2 Nubble090216-1

Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park May 2016 (Part One)

This weekend, for the first time in several months, I took a few days off from my two jobs and just took off up north to the northern region of Maine. The Bar Harbor region, to be precise. Most of the time, I was wandering around Acadia National Park. It was sunny. It was warm, borderline hot. It was foggy and rainy. It was perfect.
The following group of photos are the first batch from this weekend. Keep an eye open for new installments. I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did taking them.

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