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New Camera Test – 12.18.19

Hi all,

It’s been several weeks since I posted photos, and for that I apologize. I had a lot of things to sort through following my father’s passing -still am, actually- and just needed to take a break from quite a few things.

One thing I did do during that time was pick up a new camera (well, new for me): a Canon 5D Mark IV. I did so last evening, but didn’t get a chance to get outside and test it due to some nasty weather in the area. Well, that and I wanted to watch The Empire Strikes Back for the thousandth time, but that’s beside the point.

So, this evening as I was heading home from the grocery store, I decided to test the camera out at a cemetery halfway between the house and store in Wakefield, MA. The following four images are the result of said tests. Suffice to say, I’m really liking this new purchase.

January 2020 will be the launch of a few new directions for me in terms of photography. I will share the news once the new year comes around.

Stay Tuned…

New Camera 121819-4New Camera 121819-5New Camera 121819-2

New Camera 121819-1

Miscellaneous – Cape Cod, MA 10/19

Here are a few additional pics taken last week while I was down on the Cape. The seagull, who I was calling “Fred” for some reason, kept following me around as I was trying to take pics on a beach in West Dennis. I didn’t have any food with me, so I think he was just a little lonely. That or he really wanted his picture taken, I’m not entirely sure.

Cape Cod October 2019 -18Cape Cod October 2019 -16Cape Cod October 2019 -17