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Art As Therapy – 03.24.19

One of the great things about taking pictures -either as a hobby or professionally-, is that you shoot far more than you use. Well, at least I do. And when you keep everything that you shoot, you often wind up with thousands of photos that are untouched and ripe for rediscovery. Over the past two months, I have been rediscovering earlier works, dusting them off (so to speak) and giving them a go.

While the editing and posting of my new and archival photos have served to keep me busy during the dead of winter, it has also served to keep what passes for my sanity these days. Many of you know that art, in whatever capacity, can be therapeutic. We lose ourselves in the seas of creativity in the hopes of producing something worthwhile not only for ourselves, but for others too.  The photography I have posted over the past months has definitely made me happy. I hope they have done and will continue to do the same for you.

Maine May 2017 -2Maine May 2017 -1Melrose March 2019 - A -1

Super Worm Equinox Moon – Rockport, MA 03.20.19

Normally, I head over to Marblehead Light to capture the Super Moon events. But today, I was interested in heading up to Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, MA. I’m so glad I did. Not only was it a beautiful moonrise, the sunset was a stunner as well. But the best part of the visit? The group of people I met who came out to see the moon rise as well. Super, super nice folks. This always makes any photo trip all the more worthwhile.

Rockport March 20 2019 Supermoon-3Rockport March 20 2019 Supermoon-2Rockport March 20 2019 Supermoon-1

Winter Island, Salem, MA – 03.07.19

WInter Island (March 2013) -14After digging into the archives to edit a series of photos from November, 2013, of the abandoned Coast Guard Barracks on Winter Island in Salem, MA, I was curious to see how the barracks looked after five and a half years. So this morning, I decided to head back up to Winter Island to take a look.

Here is the first group of pictures.

WInter Island (March 2013) -12WInter Island (March 2013) -11WInter Island (March 2013) -10WInter Island (March 2013) -9WInter Island (March 2013) -8WInter Island (March 2013) -7WInter Island (March 2013) -6WInter Island (March 2013) -5WInter Island (March 2013) -4WInter Island (March 2013) -3WInter Island (March 2013) -2WInter Island (March 2013) -1WInter Island (March 2013) -13