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Announcing The “Archives” Project

I am pleased to announce the start of work on my fifth book of photography, Archives.

Archives is a collection of pictures old and new, many that have been previewed here on my blog over the past few months. Archives will be available in three editions: hardcover, softcover and eBook.

I am also happy to announce that 100% of the proceeds from sales of the eBook edition of Archives will go directly to Special Olympics. I don’t need to tell you how important a program like the Special Olympics is to so many people out there. I will also spare you any political grandstanding regarding the proposed $17.1 million cuts in funding.

What I will do, however, is ask you to join me in helping the program out. Your purchase will help a program that has benefitted so many individuals in its 50 years of existence. Your donation will allow that greatness to continue.

Further details on the book’s release will be forthcoming shortly. As always, thank you for stopping by!

Archive Project Cover Mockup

Art As Therapy – 03.24.19

One of the great things about taking pictures -either as a hobby or professionally-, is that you shoot far more than you use. Well, at least I do. And when you keep everything that you shoot, you often wind up with thousands of photos that are untouched and ripe for rediscovery. Over the past two months, I have been rediscovering earlier works, dusting them off (so to speak) and giving them a go.

While the editing and posting of my new and archival photos have served to keep me busy during the dead of winter, it has also served to keep what passes for my sanity these days. Many of you know that art, in whatever capacity, can be therapeutic. We lose ourselves in the seas of creativity in the hopes of producing something worthwhile not only for ourselves, but for others too.  The photography I have posted over the past months has definitely made me happy. I hope they have done and will continue to do the same for you.

Maine May 2017 -2Maine May 2017 -1Melrose March 2019 - A -1

Dawn Huddle – Cadillac Mountain, Maine. May, 2016.

So, the story behind this one is that I -along with a couple of hundred other folks- went up to the summit of Cadillac Mountain to see the sunrise. Unfortunately, clouds and fog were having nothing of it that morning. In addition to that, it was pretty cold to boot.
So, while I was waiting for said sunrise that would never arrive, I began taking some random shots of the folks waiting with me and captured this image of several Japanese students huddling together to stay warm while waiting for the sun to rise.
I had forgotten about the image until I came across it tonight. There’s something about the image that I like. Maybe it’s the morning mist in the far background, maybe it’s the one person of the group facing in the opposite direction, more interested in getting warm than staring at clouds. Or it might be that it reminded me of a picture you might have seen taken back in the late ’60s/early ’70s.
I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I like it. I hope you do as well.

Miscellaenous Feb 2019 (Maine 2016) -10