Highlights From the Salem Film Festival March 8. 2015

The following photos are from three events that took place at the Salem Film Festival on Sunday, March 8, 2015. The first is a Q&A Session for the film Cairo Drive with the film’s director, Sherief Elkatsha. The second group of photos are from the Q&A for Sex and Broadcasting with director Tim K. Smith. The third and final group of photos are from the Filmmaker Forum The Obligations and Limitations of Engagement presented by The Alliance of Women Film Journalists, which was held at the Peabody Essex Museum.

SFFCairoDriveQ&A030815-1 SFFCairoDriveQ&A030815-4 SFFCairoDriveQ&A030815-5 SFFCairoDriveQ&A030815-7 SFFCairoDriveQ&A030815-8 SFFCairoDriveQ&A030815-9 SFFCairoDriveQ&A030815-11 SFFCairoDriveQ&A030815-12 SFFCairoDriveQ&A030815-13 SFFCairoDriveQ&A030815-16 SFFCairoDriveQ&A030815-17 SFFCairoDriveQ&A030815-18

SexAndBroadcasting-3 SexAndBroadcasting-6 SexAndBroadcasting-7 SexAndBroadcasting-9 SexAndBroadcasting-11 SexAndBroadcasting-14

SFF_FilmmakerForum030815-1 SFF_FilmmakerForum030815-2 SFF_FilmmakerForum030815-5 SFF_FilmmakerForum030815-6 SFF_FilmmakerForum030815-7 SFF_FilmmakerForum030815-10 SFF_FilmmakerForum030815-13 SFF_FilmmakerForum030815-14 SFF_FilmmakerForum030815-17 SFF_FilmmakerForum030815-18

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