The Winter 2015 Black and White Photo Challenge: Days One and Two

On Monday, February 2nd, I received a challenge from a friend of mine entitled “The Black and White Challenge”. Given my love of black and white imagery and the fact that the challenge came from one of the best photographers located in Massachusetts, how could I resist?

The challenge was to present three images each day for five days. The only caveat? They had to be in black and white. What a great way to dive into my  backlog of images and come up with a plouthorea of B&W goodness. The hard part was finding those images that would stand out in black and white. Hopefully, I have found fifteen that would.

The following are the first two days of images. Days 3 and 4 will follow shortly and culminate with Day 5. Hopefully that final day will yield more than three images.

In the meantime, I challenge you to go through your catalog and post a week’s worth of black and white goodness for the world to see. I know you have them, I know you want to share them. Go forth and give me greatness!

Day One: Top Three One through Three
Day Two: Images Four through Six

Days Three and Four will appear on Thursday, February 5th! 

B&WChallenge-2 B&WChallenge-5 B&WChallenge-6B&WChallenge-4 B&WChallenge-7 B&WChallenge-8

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