The January 2015 Blizzard – Melrose, MA 01/27/15 (Group Two)


Here is a second batch of photos from this afternoon’s blizzard walk in downtown Melrose. As you can see,  I wasn’t entirely alone in my quest to get outdoors. I went largely with black and white photos for the two groups of pics. Not a lot of color to be had on such a stormy day. I also wanted to evoke a feeling similar to the photos from snowstorms past, such as the Blizzard of ’78 and ones from the 50s and 60s. Any time we get a big snowstorm like Juno, the Boston sites will post pictures of snow events past. Undoubtedly me going through them last night influenced my shooting today. Winter012715-11 Winter012715-12 Winter012715-13 Winter012715-14 Winter012715-15 Winter012715-16 Winter012715-17

4 thoughts on “The January 2015 Blizzard – Melrose, MA 01/27/15 (Group Two)

    1. spf1227 Post author

      Thanks! That was one of the last photos I took yesterday afternoon. I love the two people you can almost not make out in the background.

    1. spf1227 Post author

      Hi Rob,

      Thank you! I just might do that. One of the blizzard pics actually wound up in last week’s Melrose Weekly News, which is always nice to have happen.


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