The January 2015 Blizzard – Melrose, MA 01/27/15


The first big snowstorm to hit the New England area this winter just happened to also be the first blizzard for the region in the past couple of years. It started in earnest last night and as of this writing is still going on outside. We have approximately two feet of snow thus far and the winds have been been quite gusty, which adds up to four foot drifts, unplowed sidewalks and streets and the ultimate opportunity to get outside and take some photos!

I may have another set coming up in a few hours. I may also wander out once it gets dark to take some nighttime snaps…if my clothes defrost in time. 😉
Winter012715-1 Winter012715-2 Winter012715-3 Winter012715-4 Winter012715-5 Winter012715-6 Winter012715-7 Winter012715-8 Winter012715-9 Winter012715-10

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