Boston Comic Con, August 9, 2014

This past weekend was the annual Boston Comic Con, which brought in approximately 40,000 people (probably more but that was the number I had heard) to the South Boston waterfront region to mingle with other fans of comics, sic-fi, fantasy, horror, you name it as well as meet some celebs and of course, purchase collectibles.

I tagged along with my great friend Oz to take pictures for him of those appearing in costume and I have to say that I had a lot of fun doing so. The people were really nice, the atmosphere was fun and the costumes? Well, check some of them out below!

BCCAugust2014-2BCCAugust2014-1BCCAugust2014-3 BCCAugust2014-4 BCCAugust2014-5 BCCAugust2014-6

Captain America: The Winter…Stormtroopers? 

BCCAugust2014-7 BCCAugust2014-8 BCCAugust2014-9

Yup, the baby makes the photo!BCCAugust2014-10

Game of Imperial Thrones?


BCCAugust2014-12 BCCAugust2014-13 BCCAugust2014-14 BCCAugust2014-15 BCCAugust2014-16

Ted taking the day off from shooting “Ted 2” to attend the festivities.

BCCAugust2014-17 BCCAugust2014-18 BCCAugust2014-19 BCCAugust2014-20 BCCAugust2014-21 BCCAugust2014-22 BCCAugust2014-23 BCCAugust2014-24

The family that Fireflies together, stays together (for at least 13 hours)!


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