Keeping in Practice

The Wolverine Jazz Band. Melrose, MA June 1, 2014

The Wolverine Jazz Band. Melrose, MA June 1, 2014

In between gigs and projects, I like to go out and just wander around with the camera without any idea on what I may come across that is worth photographing. It’s a great way to discover new people and places to take pics and it also gives me plenty of opportunities to experiment with certain photography styles and techniques. It’s always better to do the latter on your off time, screw up and learn from your mistakes then to do so at a client shoot.

One recent Sunday afternoon, June 1st to be precise, I wandered out of the house to get a little light exercise in and bask in what was an absolutely gorgeous day. Not far from the house was a small event going on celebrating the 125th Anniversary of a local business. The business was holding raffles for Red Sox tickets and other assorted goodies, free refreshments were also given out and in the middle of the celebration was The Wolverine Jazz Band of Boston providing some great traditional jazz music for the sizable crowd that had gathered. It appeared that I didn’t have to travel too far to get some photo-taking exercise in for the day.

WolverineJazzBand-2 WolverineJazzBand-3 WolverineJazzBand-4 WolverineJazzBand-5 WolverineJazzBand-6WolverineJazzBand-10WolverineJazzBand-15Due to my schedule that day, I was only able to stay for about 45 minutes, but it was worth it. I got plenty of good shots, did a bit of networking with the band and the people running the event and even managed to get a little color from the sun. I no longer looked like a vampire on a day pass. So the next time you set out for a walk around town with nothing scheduled, bring your camera along. You never know what a stroll may yield outside of some exercise.

If you want to learn more about The Wolverine Jazz Band, click on the band name to check out their website. You can also check out their music, purchase their CDs and even book them for an event.

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