Where To Go, Where To Shoot

When one is planning a trip whose primary goal is to take pictures, the possibilities are limitless. Well, unless you go to a pretty boring location to begin with. But if you are covering a wide canvas when you are traveling, the sky is truly the limit. Through a previous place of employment, I was lucky enough to have travelled to Paris four years in a row. Anyone who knows that city knows that it is a photographer’s paradise to shoot in and you never run out of things to take pictures of.

I’m guessing that the United States will be the same should I be fortunate enough to carry out the cross country project come next summer. Obviously, America is a bit bigger than Paris so when it comes to figuring out certain things that you are dead set on photographing, you better start planning as far ahead as possible. Of course, there will be millions of other things to take pics of along the way, but in picking out certain locations in certain states you can eventually map out your route. Since I haven’t done this before -and since I have so many places I want to visit and shoot- the first draft of the journey is a bit…vast.


Playing around with Google Maps, I popped in the general locations of where I wanted to end up after leaving my home just outside of Boston. Heading down Highway 66, my first end destination is the Los Angeles area. After a quick stop near there to visit some friends, I would head up the West Coast to Seattle. You know, to stock up on coffee and what not. 😉

One area that I absolutely have to visit is Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. Ever since I was eight years old, this national monument has fascinated me. Why at such a young age, some of you may ask? Simple: 


Well, seeing that on a 70mm screen when I was a very impressionable eight year old was the catalyst. Today, it’s the opportunity to photograph such a unique American landmark. Given some of the flat out remarkable photos I came across when I did a Google Search on Devil’s Tower (I recommend you give them a look as well), I would be an outright fool not to travel to Wyoming to visit it and Yellowstone National Park.

So many places, so little time. To visit, that is. Not plan. Hopefully a year will be enough to do that.  


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