I Hate Blogs (Or at Least the Need to Have One)

If there was one thing I did not want nor need on my photography website, it was a blog. Try as I may, I never keep them current and in terms of my photography, the last thing I want to do is write about it. That’s why I take pictures. So I don’t have to write about them. When I write, it is usually about movies. You can find my weekly box office report at theHDRoom on Sunday afternoons and film and blu-ray reviews at Shawn’s Movie Corner.

In looking around at other photographer websites, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that blogs are a necessary evil. Which is why I have opted to put one in to replace the “Video” page, which has laid dormant since the site went live last month. Here you will find updates on projects and what not, including an announcement for a potential project for Summer 2015. What is said project? Come back soon and check out the blog!

In the meantime, click on the photo below to embiggen the teaser photo.