Sunset Walk – Melrose, MA. 04.13.19

A 70 degree day in mid-April can only mean one thing. Well, two things. The first is getting outside and walking around to enjoy the day. The second is that if it is sunny out, the sunset is going to be a beauty. Such was the case tonight in the Boston area. A quick walk around the neighborhood led me to one of my favorite spots to take pictures: Ell Pond.

When I edit pictures such as the ones below, I tend to let the music flow in the background. It can be all types of music that help set my train of thought in shaping the pictures I take. In the case of the pictures below, it was a one-two combination of Mark Knopfler’s score for the 1983 classic Local Hero and Maurice Jarre’s legendary score for David Lean’s Doctor Zhivago.

Melrose Sunset Walk April 13 2019-5Melrose Sunset Walk April 13 2019-3Melrose Sunset Walk April 13 2019-4Melrose Sunset Walk April 13 2019-1Melrose Sunset Walk April 13 2019-2

Announcing The “Archives” Project

I am pleased to announce the start of work on my fifth book of photography, Archives.

Archives is a collection of pictures old and new, many that have been previewed here on my blog over the past few months. Archives will be available in three editions: hardcover, softcover and eBook.

I am also happy to announce that 100% of the proceeds from sales of the eBook edition of Archives will go directly to Special Olympics. I don’t need to tell you how important a program like the Special Olympics is to so many people out there. I will also spare you any political grandstanding regarding the proposed $17.1 million cuts in funding.

What I will do, however, is ask you to join me in helping the program out. Your purchase will help a program that has benefitted so many individuals in its 50 years of existence. Your donation will allow that greatness to continue.

Further details on the book’s release will be forthcoming shortly. As always, thank you for stopping by!

Archive Project Cover Mockup